I've said it before, and I'll say it again...

I'm a fashionista at heart.

So when my maternity client reached out for help with styling, I couldn't have been happier.

It's not that she needed the advice, per se. Jasmine is a styling queen herself (like literally... she works as a hairstylist at Luxe Lancaster & Spa) and she is perfectly capable of choosing beautiful outfits.

The fact is, as a working mother (and a pregnant one at that), she simply didn't have the time to put it all together.

Maternity photo shoot in Lancaster PA
Closeup of pregnant belly at Overlook Park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Pregnant mother stands looking at her belly while at Overlook Park near sunset

I hear that and I go...

I'm on it.

So here is what we did...

We started with the mom.

There is one simple reason I always recommend to start with the mom's outfit: Roughly 97% of the time, she is the hardest one to dress and the most unlikely one to spend a lot of time on herself. You can find TONS of cute outfits for little boys and girls, and you can dress the guy in a solid colored tee and some jeans... but our bodies have been through a lot of changes over the course of having had children and.. you know... LIFE. Plus, we're used to serving ourselves last.

So here you go, mama. Your excuse to treat yourself today.

Husband and wife stand looking at wife's pregnant belly and smiling

Neutrals never go wrong.

Jasmine had mentioned that she wanted to stick with neutrals, which was a fantastic move on her part. Neutral colors such as beige, white, gray, and taupe photograph beautifully and never go out of style.

She had access to my maternity client closet but was looking for something a little more casual than what I offered. No problem!

Working within her budget, I sent over a selection of options including clothing from PinkBlush Maternity, and Amazon's maternity section (which has gotten surprisingly good over the years).

Taupe jumpsuit from PinkBlush.com

It's ok to deviate

Like I said, Jasmine is her own style queen, so if she didn't want to take my suggestions that is ok! As long as I can get the ball rolling and the inspiration flowing in the right direction, I am perfectly alright with my clients picking exactly what they like.

Jasmine ended up going with a beautiful simple dress from Amazon that worked perfectly set against the gorgeous sky at Overlook Park.

Best family photographer in Lancaster, PA poses family standing on a ridge against a blue and orange sky

Once we had her outfit set, we moved on to her husband's outfit.

Like I said earlier, guys are super easy to dress. Give them a solid colored or lightly patterned shirt, some jeans or khakis, and they are good to go.

Stay away from suit coats, ties, tiny stripes, plaid, and other loud patterns.

No flamingos.

Trust me.

Family sits on the ground at Overlook Park in Lancaster, PA for their family photo session

Last but not least... her daughter needed something as adorable as she is.

Having four daughters myself, I know a thing or two about dressing girls! I sent her some options from some of my favorite shops, including Old Navy, GapKids, and Macy's.

She ended up choosing the jumpsuit from Old Navy which was the perfect complement to her dress and Matthew's white collared shirt with khaki pants.

Cute and cohesive. Check!

Mom and dad play with little girl during their family photo session at Overlook Park

We decided to have their family photo session at Overlook Park in Lancaster, PA

The evening light had that beautifully warm quality that photographers always hope for.

We laughed and played for almost an hour...

and in the end their photos turned out like magic.

Which I have to say.... is what happens when you and your photographer are on the same page about everything from wardrobe to location to the playful feel of your photo session.

We got this... together!

Thank you, Jasmine, Matthew, and Alexis for a great family photo session!

Maternity photo session in Lancaster, PA with daughter and husband
Best family photographer in Lancaster PA photographs a family in golden light at Overlook Park in Lancaster
A pregnant woman in a beautiful gown stands smiling for her photographer
Family portrait of daughter sitting on dad's lap with mom resting her head
Family photos in Lancaster Pennsylvania standing looking at each other smiling
Maternity photo shoot in Lancaster PA daughter looking up at pregnant mother with dad standing nearby
Daughter and dad laugh and pose for their family portrait near Lancaster, PA
Husband and wife stand for their best maternity photos in Lancaster Pennsylvania