When I first met Denae, I was a newly-wed and she was about to get married to her fiancé, Andy, who happened to be one of my husband's favorite coworkers at a computer company out in Manheim, PA.

They would get into all sorts of shenanigans together. Most notably, there was the time in 2012 when they got the entire office to participate in Mustache May Days which had all the men sporting an assortment of cringy mustaches--handlebars, the Charlie Chapman, and the Ron Swanson to name a few.

Denae and I both hated it (as detailed in the video they produced). Just imagine your partner wearing his facial hair in the shape of an "H" for a week. *shudder* I think I still have PTSD.

My husband, on the other hand, will to this day giggle like a schoolgirl whenever anyone mentions Mustache May Days.

But anyway... I digress...

My husband switched jobs in 2015, so the shenanigans have mostly ceased. Both Andy and Denae and my husband and I have had a posse of children since then, so we don't see each other as much but it's always fun to reconnect when we do.

As we first discussed having a photo session with her family I was both excited to meet her entire family (including some kiddos I had never met before), and very aware that she was a busy mom who needed this to be a clean, streamlined experience for it to work with her tight schedule.

Husband and wife are sitting and laughing during their couples portrait session in Landisville Pennsylvania
Luckily for her, I specialize in making life easy for busy moms who still want to carve out time for their memories to be preserved.

Denae has always had a great sense of style. That, coupled with impressive administrative skills has enabled her to launch a now thriving online women's clothing store called Haven Jayne Boutique. Her impeccable taste is shown throughout the curated online collection. She calls this her "side business" though it certainly takes a lot of hustle to run the boutique and manage her household of 5 (plus holding down a full time cardiovascular tech job at Penn State Health Lancaster Medical Center!).

Kids sit and smile for their photographer near Lancaster Pennsylvania
Family snuggles each other at a farm in Landisville Pennsylvania for their family photo shoot
Husband and wife laugh together at golden hour during their photo session with the best photographer in Lancaster pa

As we discussed the best location to have their family photo shoot, we knew that we wanted it to be near Lancaster county, PA but as we talked more we finally decided to have their family portraits taken in Landisville, Pennsylvania on her parent's property.

They own a large farm, which was the perfect setting to dance a jig in front of a barn, snuggle up on what used to be a manure pile (!), run through a field at golden hour, and goof off with dad in front of a corn field.

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Boy smiles next to his parents for his family portraits in Lancaster, PA
Family stands in a line and dances during their photo session
Beautiful family photo session near Lancaster county where they are all sitting on a blanket smiling at each other
A mother snuggles her three children at sunset during their family portraits
A father dances with his daughter on a farm in Landisville Pennsylvania
A family of 5 leans against a barn laughing during their photo session
A family walks through a field at sunset in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Boy snuggles with his dad at their family photo shoot in Landisville PA
Husband and wife laugh together at sunset in a field during their family photo session
A mother and daughter snuggle together in a wheat field in Lancaster county PA
Best family photographer in Lancaster Pennsylvania captures father and son playing together

I realize I say this a lot, but we had SUCH a GREAT time. Their whole family was light-hearted, playful, and up for anything... my favorite kind of family to photograph. What can I say? I love my job.

Even though she didn't need it, I always offer a styling service for any of the families I work with. It's one more way to take the pressure off of busy moms.

Denae did a killer job of making sure everyone was wearing complementary outfits--clothing that wasn't too matchy-matchy, but worked well within a color scheme, mixing solids, patterns, and textures. Kudos to her!

A family stands in front of a wheat field at sunset for their family photo session in Lancaster PA

We ended our session in the most beautiful spot, right on the edge of a wheat field with golden light streaming through the trees. What a perfect night to photograph their family in Lancaster county!

Are you a busy mom?

I've got you covered.

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