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Also serving Lancaster, Annville, Hershey, Lititz, Reading, Harrisburg, Ephrata, Palmyra, and other towns within 25 miles.

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Hi there! My name is Naomi. I believe that photo sessions should be warm, light-hearted, and enjoyable.

Uhhh... did you say enjoyable?


For everyone?

Absolutely. And here's why.

Photography is all about being transported back to a memory--a moment in time where the light in your eyes and the expression on your face can live forever and come back to haunt you in the best way possible for the foreseeable future.

Like when Facebook memories pop up at just the right time and you melt over those chunky baby thighs or shining faces.

And maybe it's just me (I mean, what am I? a professional photographer or something?), but I don't think you get those kinds of golden moments if you're not letting loose a little bit.

I give you complete permission to actually play with your kiddos during your photo shoot. Swing that child around. Kiss your wife. Tackle your brother. One time I asked a young adult to scream into the wind. And she did... and then burst out laughing afterwards. I'm telling you... you can't get this kind of stuff without being willing to play.

Just by being ourselves, easily following her expertise and guidance, we now have amazing photos that captured personalities, relationships, and the love that we want to remember.

Beth S.

As stress-free as humanly possible

I'm 100% committed to doing all the heavy lifting for you not only when it comes to planning and executing your session, but also delivering products for your home. Because guess what? I know what it's like to live a full life.

HELLO. I'm a mother of four trying to run a one-woman business.

I don't need ANYTHING added to my to-do list. And I don't think you do, either.

I take the time to get to know you and your specific needs. That may include helping you with your wardrobe, even if it means talking you out of matching white shirts and denim jeans (let the 90s go, my friend. Let it go). We'll choose a location that works for your family and I will arrive with prompts and questions that are designed specifically for you. There might even be a little thank you gift at the end (well gee... here I go spoiling a surprise).

In short, I will thoughtfully make this the least stressful situation for you and your family.

She seemed like a friend who was taking photos for my family. Even going back to the first time I met her, she was a warm personality... professional but relaxed.

Andrea R


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In order to book your session, click the button below. You'll pick a date from my online calendar and pay a session fee of $250 which covers all the work I do before and after your 60 minute session, not to mention my time and talent DURING the photo shoot.

I'll be with you every step of the way.

As far as it depends on me, your session will be a fun, interactive experience.


The day of your session, we'll meet at the location we've chosen together. I'll position you in the best light possible, give you some pointers like where to place your hands, and then I'll probably ask you to do something strange.

If you have little kids, we might talk about poop.

Either way, you'll laugh and I'll take a picture of it.


You'll quickly realize that this is fun.

3. collections

2-3 weeks after your session, you'll be able to view your images and can make an informed decision about which collection you'd like to take home.

All collections contain a mixture of both digital images and print credit, enabling you to spend your print credit directly on anything in the gallery shop that catches your eye--loose prints, framed art, and wooden blocks to name a few.



(full pricing on the investment page)
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