I remember holding my beautiful firstborn baby on my poor stretched out stomach and marveling at how I had to damage myself to create something this perfect.

It was my first gift of sacrifice as a mother

A pregnant mother stands in a field of grasses in a red gown and a jeweled headband

Pregnancy can be many things and paradoxically so. It is both deepest joy and crushing pain, glowing beauty and scarred skin.

A husband and wife stand in a field of brown grasses holding a pregnant belly and smiling at each other

Underneath the layers of maternity wear, it can be easy to lose sight of the beauty of your body. There are significant losses--skin and muscle that may never be the same. It's ok to grieve that.

It's ok to be simultaneously sad about the changes your body is going through while being overjoyed at meeting this new little person you've created.

You are only human.

It is my hope that we can uncover some of the raw beauty you may feel that you've lost, to capture the wonder of your pregnancy, and show you just how beautiful you are.

A flowing gown, a person you love, and lungs full of fresh air can do wonders for the soul. 

We're going to freeze this moment in time, frame it on the wall, so that when you hit those low days (because you will) you can still remember the love that you share and the beauty of who you are.

Pregnant mom holds her belly and looks down
Preggo mom and dad laugh together in the woods
Father kisses mama on the cheek while sitting down holding her pregnant belly
Mommy looks away smiling while holding her pregnant belly
bejeweled headband and red dress on a pregnant mother looking down at her child
Father kneels down and kisses mother's pregnant belly in brown grass

Let me show you how beautiful you are and may you never forget it.

Naomi is a maternity photographer in Lebanon, PA who specializes in capturing those fleeting moments during pregnancy.