I just so happened to have some beautiful new maternity dresses that I needed someone to model and then a friend introduced me to Anya, a beautiful pregnant woman who very much wanted maternity photos to document her pregnancy--talk about a happy accident!

As you well know, laid back families are kind of my jam, so when I showed up with an armful of dresses and her kids started running around bare naked except for their diapers... well... that's just my kind of scene. :-D

Woman stands in maternity gown for her photo session in a copse of trees in Fredericksburg, PA.
Portrait of a woman gazing down at her pregnant belly
Pregnant mother wearing a pink maternity gown looks down at her belly.
Pregnant woman plays with her two children who are wearing diapers for their photo shoot

See what I mean? What a fun, beautiful mom.

By the way, this maternity gown from Chicaboo is available (along with many others!) as part of my exclusive maternity closet for any expecting mama who books a portrait session with me.

Pregnant mom holding her little girl and smiling at her as she laughs

Next, we sent the kiddos inside and tried out this short floral dress near some tall grasses in Anya's backyard. She lives on the outskirts of Lebanon, very near Fredericksburg, PA with a beautiful backyard that gets perfect golden light.

This dress is also available with a beige kimono I have purchased in the time since we had this maternity photo session.

Pregnant woman stands for her maternity photo session near Fredericksburg PA in long grasses at golden hour.
Pregnant woman looks down at belly at her maternity shoot in Lebanon PA
Close up of pregnant belly and hand with wedding ring
Young woman stands looking down at her pregnant belly at her maternity portrait near me

I have to admit, I would have been so thrilled to have had photos like these when I was pregnant with my babies (I had four). I'm still sad that I missed my opportunity to get glammed up and show off my beautiful belly.

What I told myself was that they were too expensive and I didn't have the time or energy to deal with it.

What I didn't know at the time is that photos like these are priceless. You will never have the opportunity to re-do them.

Yes, they are an investment. But one that you won't regret.

And trust me, I get it. Pregnant women are low on energy. But if you work with a stress-free photographer like me, the planning part is a cinch. I help you with wardrobe, location, and guide you on the day of the shoot.

Now what's your excuse?! Let's do this!