If you're looking for newborn photography, you're probably trying to decide whether you should go to a studio or have a photographer come to your home. Each option has its pros and cons, so let's take a look and see what's right for you.

1. Do you have other children?

This is the biggest factor I would consider when making your decision. Whenever I come into a home as a newborn photographer, I always make sure to get baby with his/her siblings FIRST, because they will quickly lose interest if it is taking too long. And because baby is a little person who needs to stop and nurse periodically, these sessions can take up to two hours. However, after we get photos of the whole family together and all the siblings, the big brothers and sisters are then free to run off and play in another part of the house. If we were in a studio, your options for keeping older siblings entertained for a few hours would be pretty limited, especially because mom and dad are required for the next part of the shoot.

Big sister holds baby sister next to brothers
Group of brothers and sisters holding baby on a bed

2. Are you looking for a neat and tidy posed picture of a baby, or an authentic picture of your life together?

When I come into your house, I bring zero props with me. I am there to capture the snuggles, the tiny yawns, and the loving environment in which that baby is being raised. Trust me, there is true beauty happening in your everyday life. There is nothing wrong with a cute little baby in a flower basket photo, but it's not what I do. If you are looking for that studio experience, try checking out one of the links at the end of this blog. 

Baby girl sleeping and smiling on a white bed
Mom and dad hold baby girl on a bed while dad strokes her cheek

3. Are you concerned about exposing your child to germs?

Whenever you take your baby into a space that has been previously occupied by other (snotty-nosed) kids, you run the risk of exposing them to germs. When I come, I bring my mask and arrive armed with my hand sanitizer. I won't be touching the baby unless you are completely comfortable, and rarely does your little one leave your arms.

Mother holds a baby girl who is smiling and laughing
Father holds a baby girl with a bow and a bib bandana on his lap

4. Do you feel that your house will be too messy after having a newborn?

Listen, mama, I get it. This is what always prevented me from allowing people into my own home in those early weeks of having a newborn. The thing is, I regret it. Sure, it's true. You can pack up baby and go to a studio and never have anyone set a toe in your home. You certainly have that option. The other side of the picture is that when I come, I come with all the experience of having four babies of my own (including a set of twins), which can be summed up in one word: grace. We're all pretty hard on ourselves. Nothing needs to be perfect. All we need is one good window, a loving family, and a baby. That's it. If there's anything that needs to be tidied up a little, we can easily do that while I'm there.

Little baby girl with a bow lies asleep on a bed with her arms up

Looking for a studio?

Here are some studios in Lebanon county that I can confidently refer you to. Tell them I sent you!