Fine art portraits

Please complete the following information

To ensure smooth communication and keep everyone on the same page, please make sure that this is one designated person and that this person will have the time to handle emails promptly.

To help ensure that picture day runs smoothly and quickly, parent and/or staff volunteers will be responsible for making sure that kids have clean faces AND noses, help fix hair, and that children stay in line away from the photo backdrop area when it is not their turn.

I will send you a template to fill out which includes: student names, classes, teacher names, and parent email and phone number. This information will not be used for anything other than your current portrait session.

Failure to properly notify and inform parents of picture day will result in children not ready on picture day, and they will not be given a makeup day.

If picture day is offered across multiple days and a student attends school both of those days, the student will only be photographed once on their classes assigned day UNLESS deemed necessary by Naomi.

These images are strictly for school use and are not to be distributed privately.

I understand that the school does not have permission to make copies for sale, or other distribution in any manner that circumvents the sale of these images by Naomi Boyer Photography.

All efforts will be made, but ultimately, an uncooperative child will result in zero images being delivered for that child. Retakes will not be offered.

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