A special 1 minute message from Naomi

Step One: Scheduling your session

In order to reserve a date, you will:

a) pick a date that works for you

B) pay a non-refundable session fee of $250.

The session fee pays for all the work I do getting you ready for your session, my time and talent the day of your session and all the professional editing and delivery of your final images. It does not include any digital images or print products.

Scheduling your session can easily be done by clicking the link below.

If you need a date that is not specified, be sure to ask! I try to be as flexible as I can.


I always find that it helps to know the person you're photographing. 😊

Naomi has a calm way about her that puts me at ease, where I can relax and actually have fun - this is reflected in the photos.


Step Two: The session itself

Once we've decided on a time and date and officially put your session on the books, I'll send you a getting ready guide that will walk you through everything from choosing your outfits to finding the right location.

That guide has been created and refined over years of experience, so it typically answers 90% of the questions that come up, but I'm always happy to set up a time to chat if you want additional help. I'm also going to be assisting you with styling and location.

A few days before our session is scheduled, I'll reach out to confirm our time and location... at that point, if it looks like it's going to be a dark and rainy day or you aren't feeling well we can talk about our rescheduling options. Otherwise, that's the perfect time to ask any last minute questions or let me know if you've come up with a creative idea we haven't discussed.

Finally, take a breath and relax... I know that being photographed doesn't always feel natural, but I promise to make this an easy and stress-free photography experience for you.

For portrait sessions you can have 2 different outfits

A pop-up changing tent is available for your privacy while changing outdoors.

As someone who HATES being photographed, Naomi was able to work with me to produce very natural-looking photos

-Lana B.

Step Three: The fun part

Within just a couple of weeks of your session, you'll receive an email from me letting you know that your photos are ready to view (usually 35-70).

Because I want the moment of seeing your photos for the first time to be really special for you, I put all of those photos into a beautiful slideshow that you can watch whenever your family is ready.

Your slideshow will be available for a full 48 hours so you can watch it as many times as you like and share it with friends and family.

Once you've had a chance to see your slideshow and enjoy your moment, you'll have the opportunity to choose which collection you want to purchase (listed below).

After that, you'll have a full month to select the specific digital files and print items you want to use to fill that collection... zero pressure!

The Highlights Collection

Client prep guide

10 digital images

$100 print credit

Print release


The Storybook Collection

Client prep guide

20 digital images

$250 print credit

Print release


The Keepsake Collection

Client prep guide

All digital images (35-50)

$500 print credit

Complimentary album design

Print release


*A 6% PA sales tax will be applied to all collections

Payment plans are available

Why the Print Credit?

Because I'm committed to getting every one of my clients to the finish line.

Let's face it: Receiving only digital images means that you will have one more thing on your to-do list when this photo session is over. What's more, images on your hard drive hardly EVER see the light of day and stand a high likelihood of being accidentally deleted at some point.

What I'm saying is that all that time and money invested deserve a better return than photos gathering dust on a hard drive somewhere.

You'll never get the same feeling looking at your photos on a screen as you will seeing them on your wall or flipping through the pages of an album, so I include a substantial print credit with every collection.

See a sampling below.

A few of the items in every gallery shop

Deckled prints

Deckled prints are hand torn for a feathered edge, offering a unique way to display a simple print.

Starting at $70

Acrylic prints

Printed on Lexjet paper and then set on a thick layer of acrylic, these prints have sleek and modern look to them. A stunning showpiece on any wall.

Starting at $250

Velvet lay-flat album

This album is literally velvety soft. It is a great way to incorporate all of your images in keepsake album that you and your loved ones can treasure for many years.

Starting at $500

Shipping and sales tax may apply

Naomi makes everything about this photo shoot seem effortless and natural. She is creative and professional. The picture quality is top notch.

- Michael C

I hope that answers all of your questions.

We'll talk soon!


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