Let's Talk About Location

Let's Talk About Location

Location is one of the things that can make or break a photo session.

There are two things that I look for in a location:

1. Ample natural light

2. Poetic details

A location that combines these two ingredients will produce stellar photos.

Add a fun family photographer and stir.

These are some of the best locations for photography I have found in Lebanon county, PA.


Price: Free

Union Canal Tunnel Park South (Lebanon)

This park explodes with color during the fall. It is a large park that includes the oldest existing transportation tunnel in the U.S. (a canal filled with water). It has NO playground which honestly makes it perfect for kids for whom the draw of a playground may induce a meltdown. It is a top choice in the fall because of its brilliant fall foliage.

*Please note* There are TWO parks named Union Canal Tunnel park, so be sure to follow the instructions I send to you, NOT your GPS!

Syner Rd. Homestead (Annville)

This is a private property owned by some friends of mine, which means that there will be ZERO onlookers or potential photobombers in this space. It is a beautiful natural environment with a winding pathway, plenty of trees, long grasses, and a gorgeous sunset on a cloudless day. It is hands down one of my favorite locations to photograph.

*Availability is limited*

Swatara State Park

(Pine Grove)

This woodland area in Swatara Valley has an old rustic feel, from its iron bridges, to its gravel pathway through the forest. It's the perfect place for the adventurous family or individual who might want to get IN that water.

*Please note* The cabin at Swatara State Park, while extremely photogenic, is too far of a hike for us to hold your photo session there.

Conrad Weiser Homestead Park (womelsdorf)

This is an immaculately maintained historic park with beautiful old stone buildings and walkways. It has no playground, but plenty of running space--perfect for children who need their focus to be on the task at hand. It also is stunning in the fall with all of its deciduous trees on the property.

South Hills Park (Lebanon)

I frequently hear people inquire about South Hills because we all love it so much. It is honestly one of my favorite parks in town, but because it is so popular with not one but TWO playgrounds, a disc golf course, and an enjoyable walking trail, it can make it difficult to find a good place to photograph you or your family.

That being said, if it is someplace that is special to you, we can make it work.

Lititz Springs Park (Lititz)

This charming little park features a fountain along with a waterway that runs throughout the park, and plenty of small bridges and stonework. The beauty of this location is that it is in the heart of Lititz which means that you can walk a few feet and get some nice photos next to an old brick building.

The downside to this location is that it is quite popular which can make it difficult to avoid photobombers.


Flower patches are the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy and elegance to your photo session. All of these gardens are privately owned, so they do require a rental fee that you will be responsible for, but it is money well invested into beautiful images.

Price: $9-$50

Three Blossoms Flower Patch (Schaefferstown)

This is one of the best locally owned flower patches, with a wide variety of zinnias, sunflowers, dahlias, and so much more! The patch is set atop a little hill, so during golden hour the sun's rays peak through the trees--the perfect light for that warm golden look. Best for small families or individual portraits.

Price: $50

Wildflower Lookout (Ronks)

The Wildflower Lookout is a bit of a drive (about 1.5 hrs from Lebanon), but they have created entire fields specifically for photographers and picnickers to use as a destination spot. The result is a gorgeous location with plenty of room to explore AND a brilliant sunset. Flowers vary upon the season but can include: poppies, sunflowers, cosmos, and a wheat field.

Price: $9/adult, $6/children

Royal Oaks Farm (Lebanon)

This is a local farm right here in Lebanon that features a large flower garden, a woodpile, a tree line with rocks, white bench, red fence and cute little potting shed. They have seasonal flowers available including sunflowers, giant marigolds, snapdragons, lisianthus, amaranth, and zinnias.

Price: $40

Country Joy Flowers (Elizabethtown)

Country Joy Flowers offers an expansive flower garden with perfect golden hour light. They also have a vintage truck on the premises that can be used for photos if desired.

Although it is a bit of a drive to go there, it is well worth the time and effort.

Price: $50 *Limited availability*

industrial Urban Settings

I have been granted access to all of these locations on the sole condition that we do not enter any of the buildings.

Agreeing to this condition is a requirement.

Price: Free

Lincoln Industrial Park (Lebanon)

This industrial park on Lincoln Ave. was part of the old Bethlehem Steel mill, and, as such, it has buildings with a lot of character to them--old brick structures, iron doors, and cracked windows to name a few.

Paper Box Company


The Paper Box Co. on Cumberland St. features all sorts of interesting nooks and crannies that have been graffitied and left to crumble over the years. There is lots of brick, iron, and cement to explore here.

Lebanon alleyways

The fun part about living in Lebanon is that there are buildings full of character right here in our own town. If you are game for walking down some alleyways with me, we can find some pretty cool things.

*Not recommended for families with young children.

Harrisburg Locations

Cost: Free

Italian Lake Park

This park has a cute little rose garden, and a brick pathway leading around a pond with fountain. It's sweet and romantic with a bridge leading over the water.

Fort Hunter Mansion

Fort Hunter Mansion is a beautiful historic property along the Susquehanna River. The mansion and grounds are gorgeous, and there's a little trail that leads to the water which is perfect if you're the kind of person who might go for a wade in that molten light around sunset.

Fort Hunter Park

Across the road from the mansion, there is a quaint little area with a covered bridge, a stone barn and wall, and a small flower garden. Cons: It is down the hill from the mansion, so it would be difficult to get that warm sunset look unless you ran across the street to the mansion.

Are you up for an adventure?

I have held sessions in a greenhouse, a laundromat, and an apple orchard all with great results. I am constantly on the lookout for new locations so if you are up for a more creative option, get in touch and I will tell you my latest obsession. :-)