This fund was created in honor of a beautiful young woman I had the honor of photographing (along with her sister) back when I was an amateur photographer. She tragically passed away at the age of 23 after coping with bone cancer.

I don't want any person with a terminal illness to leave this earth without a beautiful portrait for their family members to remember them by.

I want mothers to remember daughters, sons to remember fathers, and everyone in-between.

Let's use my skill as a lifestyle photographer to capture emotive, soulful portraits, celebrating our lives and the connection we share.

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(it'll take four minutes of your time)

While these photo sessions will be given freely to families, they are not free for me to provide.

I will be gifting my top collection (retail value: $1250), which means that each family will be able to keep their complete set of digital images, plus a wall hanging or heirloom album for their home worth up to $500 in the gallery shop.

There are also the added costs of running a photo business such as gear, editing, and travel expenses to name a few.

As such, I will be raising money to support this endeavor.

Honorary sessions are limited to four unique families per year.

Because this endeavor is so close to my heart, I too am donating toward it.

A portion of every regular photo session with NBP will be given back to the Beth-elle Memorial Fund.

Where Do I Apply?

Right here.

You can apply either for yourself or for another family you know of by filling out the application below.

I have the capacity to serve 4 families per year (one photo session each) who live within a 25 mile radius of Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

If chosen, you will hear from me within 2-4 weeks.

I know you are coping with a lot right now.

I hope to provide you with a beautiful, emotive portrait--a little bit of light in what may feel like a dark place.

Extra precautions will be taken to provide a safe, germ-free experience for these families

I will wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, and test for covid before each session

Interested in a regular photo session with Naomi?

Let's be friends.

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